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Gathering intelligence
for over 150 years.

Gathering intelligence
for over 150 years.

S&P Global

What can a long-term marketing partner bring to a company? Perspective. Insight. Efficiency.

With capabilities that reach every aspect of the financial services industry, S&P Global is a powerhouse of essential intelligence, providing indispensable information and analytics across several major divisions worldwide.

For over a decade, we’ve leveraged our deep knowledge of financial services to strategize and deliver marketing solutions that keep this 150-year-old company at the forefront of global financial markets.

Our Contributions

  • Campaigns
  • Video
  • Web

The devil’s in the design. Smart visual representations provide instant, at-a-glance insights that enable timely, confident decisions – because data is simply numbers until it is interpreted.
Our enduring relationship and complete understanding of the company behind the brand steers our creative approach, no matter the marketing platform, channel or medium.

Creative Data

Gathering intelligence is one thing. Finding new ways for users to engage with it is another – especially when that data is always changing. We produced a website that takes data from a CSV file and maps it across an interactive globe, allowing users to creatively engage with S&P intelligence and empowering S&P to update and manage a dynamic resource, easily and efficiently.

Custom data can be uploaded as a CSV file, intepreted by the website and formatted automatically as live, interactive data.

Automating Sales Flow Integration

When you cannot eliminate legacy systems, you have to find a way to automate them. We helped S&P Global connect disparate marketing and sales systems used company-wide into one unified sales flow. Now, forms created in Marketo or Eloqua are seamlessly embedded into Wordpress CMS to automate gated content. Google Analytics campaigns are automatically parsed into form entries, which are then pushed to Salesforce.

We built lead-generating landing pages in Marketo and Eloqua which can be edited, updated and maintained by S&P marketing team giving full control over the sales flow.
Full integration with Google Analytics and custom reporting. We’re able to parse campaign variables automatically through sales flows including Marketo and Eloqua forms directly into Salesforce.
All data for leads can be handled automatically and parsed into Salesforce to complete the sales flow process including any campaign information through Marketo or Eloqua forms.