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How a Grandmother & An Elevator Can Transform Your Business

Insights  //   //  By Christopher Davies

No one will know what you’re offering, no matter how clear it is for you.

Most people think of marketing as a means to selling — and it is. But to do that effectively, you first have to figure out what you’re selling, and to whom.

Sounds easy, right? OK — tell us what your product or service is in 30 seconds or less.

We’ll wait.

But here’s the thing: your customers won’t wait.

It’s a crowded market out there, no matter what you’re selling. If your message is vague, complicated or difficult, it will be invisible. And as we all know, if a marketing message goes out to the world and nobody hears it, it has not gone out to the world.

Put it this way: if you can’t explain your product or service in terms your grandmother can understand, you have no hope of reaching an audience greater than one.

Ah, but your audience is sophisticated — they “get” what you’re offering.

That may be so. But first you have to find them, and that means explaining what you’re offering, simply and directly.

This is often one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do, because as a startups, you are, by definition, focussed on possibility, not actuality. Once you strip your message down to the essence of who you really are right here in this moment, however, you will open up creative possibilities that truly speak to your brand — and the audience you hope to attract.

That’s why we always begin by helping clients craft an *elevator speech. It’s not a mission statement, it’s not meant to be used on your website, and it’s not a tome. It’s an exercise that helps us get to know you and your brand, and helps you to clarify your offering — setting you up for a sound marketing plan, a strong brand and a clearly defined business strategy.

And just to see if we’re reaching anyone, we’re offering a one-time $125 discount on our services if you send us your best go at an elevator speech. We’ll even get out our red pens & send it back to you with a few observations.

*Bonus points if you can explain your offering to your grandmother in an elevator.